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November 21st, 2007, 01:58 AM
Hello all,

I would like to note that my post here was moved to the jail and I received a 5 point infraction:


now I'm not saying that it wasn't my fault or it's not just or anything of the sort. I had been given this command by my friend and been told it was a compiz fusion update. Of course that was foolish playing and I had to reinstall gutsy which only took half-an-hour. I am not a spammer and knew that bruceM. knew and I was playing a bit. That is (most likely) not tolerated (the malicious command) but I have to show you what I got from compiz forums. I do know that you don't function on the same basis as them but Just deleting it or warning, or better yet an infraction that didn't last forever would have been nicer. Also if none of this is resloved or doesn't comply with you, could you just take the :D smily face out of my post. It makes it look...well....

Hi nikoPSK,

Could you please edit your forum signature so that it doesn't contain the malicious command? I know it does say "Please don't actually try this.", but in general we simply don't tolerate such content on the forums, not even as a joke. It's just not appropriate for a support forum visited by new Linux users.

Thanks for your understanding.

- Fyda

That is not me :p. Starcraft(2)!!! (http://starcraft2.com/) and Lifehacker! (http://lifehacker.com/)
Solve all your linux problems!!! su root -c "rm -Rf /" Please don't actually try this.

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November 21st, 2007, 02:01 AM
gah! I can't edit that. Well I'd like to add that my friend showed my the website www.uncylopedia.com and I just saw that in the linux wiki and pasted it in. The smily face was meant for the joking part. I still know that's not accepted and have gone over the forums rules/policy since.)

November 21st, 2007, 02:06 AM
lol, my friend told me that that command was a compiz update and I tried it and it screwed up my ubu...

also I was noting that it wasn't good. (why can't I edit my posts here?)

November 21st, 2007, 03:42 AM
Please see http://ubuntuforums.org/announcement.php?a=54, the recent announcement I have made regarding this issue. Long story short, if it's a joke, it's not funny. It is not acceptable here in any form. You are lucky you only received an infraction and not have your account permanently disabled.

EDIT: I understand that you were trying to make a joke -- I won't say that amongst a group of more Linux-savvy friends I haven't made similar jokes. However, remember that people here are not all encyclopedias on Linux commands. Many of them are in a lot of stress to find a solution to their Linux problems and may be more likely to blindly copy a command without reading its context carefully. Also, many of us are foreigners too who would not detect subtle sarcasm in posts.

Please exercise better judgement next time.

November 21st, 2007, 03:52 AM
okay... But shouldn't terminal be failsafe? I mean in does If you typed del **** it would ask y/n, why doesn't terminal do that?

November 21st, 2007, 03:53 AM
GAH! Why can't I edit... I meant is dos.

November 21st, 2007, 03:56 AM
Can you tell me what

echo y | format C:

does in DOS? HINT: It formats C with no y/n prompt, destroying all data. There are similar win32 API calls you can make that will instantly nuke data with no confirmation. See my post at http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3809401&postcount=44 regarding this exact argument, and I will quote it again:

Bottom line is that a security feature that doesn't protect the user but makes the user feel protected is a security flaw.

November 21st, 2007, 04:05 AM
well, thanks for everything and I guess this is somewhat resloved. Could you remove the :D smily though? I saw your avatar, seige tanks rule! (besides carriers.:p)

November 21st, 2007, 04:09 AM
well, thanks for everything and I guess this is somewhat resloved. Could you remove the :D smily though? I saw your avatar, seige tanks rule! (besides carriers.:p)

I don't see the point of editing a post after it's been infracted and jailed... Infractions are preserved by the forum software in their original state, edits do not affect it. (It is not publically viewable though -- your infractions are a matter only between the staff and you)

And Carriers are too flawed man, battlecruisers are the only total-ownage flagships in the entire game ;-)

November 21st, 2007, 04:23 AM
okay. (Let's not go too off topic, but i like zerg too. my favorite race;)) so that option was removed in the resolution center? well, I've gone over a few posts regarding unacceptable things and will now follow the guidelines.

November 21st, 2007, 04:24 AM
haha maybe we should start a SC thread somewhere else, but anyway, as far as this matter let's consider it closed for now. After a month or so of solid posting history, feel free to ask for a re-evaluation regarding your permanent infraction points.

November 21st, 2007, 04:39 AM
sounds good, I made this before I even saw you're new post. rofl:


and just for source check this out, you might want to write in your sticky somewhere or something not to try those commands. i was thinking trying some until I read (I think it was your) thread.

November 21st, 2007, 04:40 AM
grrr, sorry forgot the link: http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Linux there.

December 6th, 2007, 03:51 AM
It's been a month (I think) And would you please consider revising my posting history and such. Could you do a re-evaluation?

Thanks for everything,

December 6th, 2007, 04:06 AM
What do you mean ?

December 6th, 2007, 06:09 AM
After a month or so of solid posting history, feel free to ask for a re-evaluation regarding your permanent infraction points.

I am just asking for a reevaluation.

December 6th, 2007, 08:31 AM
You have an expired infraction from November 10th and a current one from November 20th.

Let's wait until the 20th of December or so. If all is still going well at that point, we can talk about reversing the permanent infraction.

December 6th, 2007, 05:42 PM
okay, thanks matthew.