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November 17th, 2007, 05:23 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm starting a project over here in Quebec City with the main goal of giving a few speeches in highly frequented places to help people learn about Open source Software and Linux, through Ubuntu. Since these speeches would be given to end users, I need a lot of preparation and of organization. So I need to have a lot of pros and cons to OSS and Linux (please no fanboy calls like M$ is evil, this won't convert anyone in a mall to switch to Linux). The way I see it, we'd have 5 or 6 speeches that would go around those themes :

1. Open source and the Internet
2. Open source and imagery
3. Open source and music
4. Open source and gaming
5. Linux or freeing the Pc
6. Windows is free

The goal of this is to make users to switch to oss on windows first, before going to Linux as seamlessly as possible. The last part would be inspired by the text from by Dave Gutteridge (http://articles.tlug.jp/Windows_Is_Free)

Even though I have a good idea of the main programs to speak of and such, I need the help of the Ubuntu community to help me prepare this promotion of the free software.

So here are the points I'd like with.

1. Find the software to promote for each category.
1.1 They don't have to be free of cost but it helps.
1.2 Most of them must be Windows and Ubuntu compatible.
1.3 If they are available in French, it is a big + for the soft since Quebec is French speaking.
2. I need good points to defend the open source community and the software.
2.1 I also need the main things ms fanboys and other detractors have to say against the softs, to prepare good and effective answers.
2.2 I need studies to have some facts to give the people, studies on the market share of LAMP servers on the web would be a very good start.
3. Finally, I need to build the Box for the demos. I'll post the specs in a few days, but it will have to work flawlessly at the moment of the speech, so when I,ll be building it, I might really well need your help.

If everything goes well, I'd like to have it ready for July or August next year, to be able to present it in the back to school rush.

Thanks in advance


PS: They're users, so I don't want to show them how cool the aquarium effect is in compiz-fusion, it's no point in a daily use of a computer and they won't drop Windows because you can have fishes in a floating cube or rain and a wiper on your desktop. We're trying to make something serious looking, not to recreate the "wow" effect of Vista ;)

November 17th, 2007, 05:31 AM
big project you got there, i don't have direct suggestions of the top of my head, but you might want to dive into Stallmans essays to see if there is anything good in there.

but as a bit of a tree hugger please, please, please, do not distribute free CDs, they will just end up in a land fill.