View Full Version : Network management: both ethernet and wireless

November 13th, 2007, 12:41 PM
Hello all.

Iīve just installed debian lenny (amd64) on my macbook, and since this
is my first time as a notebook user, I would like to hear your ways to
control connectivity. I have two different ethernet connections, home
and work, each with different IPs. I also have a wireless connection
at work, and would like also to connect to different wireless
connections (airports, etc). At work, if the ethernet connection is
plugged, wireless should be disabled; if itīs not, wireless should be
used. At home, the same. If ethernet is not connected, and I am not at
home or work, I should be able to search for other (encrypted or not)
wireless connections.

Kwifimanager, network manager didnīt work, and I was not able to put
this flexibility on whereami.

Thank you!