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November 12th, 2007, 10:16 AM
I would just like to update everyone on the progress of our website.

1) The database used by Drupal is now backed up - both on my PC and on the

2) Since the installed Drupal's pre-v4.7 we wouldn't be able to upgrade it to
the current stable release, which is v5.3. It's so old that no one really
knows what version's installed - and I can't find it on any installed files.
We plan on doing a fresh install instead.

3) Before we touch the server, I'll first do an install on a sandbox[1] then
import the database file and check for compatibility. I'll be needing your
help on this. Since your account on Ubuntu-PH.org also exists on the sandbox,
I'd very much appreciate it if you can try logging in and creating content
and/or comments. See if you encounter bugs. And if all is well, we'll upgrade
the site ASAP. Target for upgrade is on or before Friday morning. The sandbox
would be ready by 8PM tonight.

4) The theme[2] is still a bit sucky. I'm not really fond of the bright red
link and I don't think it's ready for production use. I'll be very much
grateful if you can comment on it. Also, I'd like any suggestions you might
have regarding the placement of objects/banner. Progress history of the
template's on the wiki[3].


[1] http://sandbox.knightlust.com/
[2] http://ubuntu-ph.knightlust.com/
[3] http://ubuntu-ph.org/wiki/SiteManagement/TemplateUpdates

November 13th, 2007, 04:34 AM
sana magkaroon ng categories ng topics para mas madali magbrowse ng topics d2 sa forums.