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November 5th, 2007, 07:44 AM
Start with apache, php, mysql (with phpmyadmin). I use dyndns.

Ok, so..webcalendaring...what a pain in the **** to set up!
I banged my head against a wall forever untill I found

"Drupal" http://drupal.org/

drupal is great! A great community website frame. Can be made public, private, semi-private...It's got a thousand available modules to totally customize your website...even has a few options for calendaring, I chose to integrate webcalendar, for now.

"Webcalendar" http://www.k5n.us/webcalendar.php

GREAT! not so difficult to set up, multi-user, ical import and export, rss publishing, even a nice pre-made php for listing upcoming events within another webpage. Not so bad at all...

"gallery2" http://gallery.menalto.com/

awesome photo gallery and more. integrates well with fspot for uploading, awesome! Integrates well with drupal. Alot of nice features and modules.

What does this add up to? A great, highly customizable community site, great for kids blogging, collaborative projects, news posting, etc...,with galleries, multi-user online calendaring that imports and exports. The drupal system emails even work well with very little effort, (with a simple module) with dyndns.

I have my site setup right now to be totally private, with the excpetion of my blog, and soon, a public forum, behind that sceen there are a bunch of registered user accounts whose content is totally shielded from prying public eyes.

http://nousessence.com/ edit: things have changed since I wrote this artical, essentially I dropped webcalendar for drupals "calendar" module which is excellent, the 2 did not play together nice enough.

take a look, click on the image and you should be there. I have to work on my front page a bit, but lemme know what you think?

BTW, all nonregistered users leaving comments right now are "Brain Sucking Zombies", so let me know who you are if you post a comment!

November 7th, 2007, 06:27 PM
Nice article!