View Full Version : Mono on Gutsy?

October 26th, 2007, 01:41 AM
I tried the official distribution agnostic installer, but it doesn't seem to work (even when requesting text mode). It just exits immediately with no errors.

Unfortunately mono and the tools with it are woefully out of date in gutsy.

Has anyone had success getting a current mono dev stack up and running in gutsy?

October 26th, 2007, 10:24 AM
Is there nothing at GetDeb.net?

October 27th, 2007, 12:33 AM
Is there nothing at GetDeb.net?

Searching for mono didn't yield any promising results. :(

October 29th, 2007, 06:41 AM
I found this for up to date mono builds:
deb http://www.viraptor.info/repo feisty-custombackports contrib

Unfortunately, that only has the core mono stuff (no up to date monodevelop). It does seem to work nicely, though, and fixed up a few asp.net issues for me. :)