View Full Version : Can't open Mythbuntu Control Centre on a 64-bit OS? Fix here!!

October 25th, 2007, 01:56 AM
There is a slight bug that will not allow 64-bit users to open Mythbuntu Control Centre. A fix has been pushed, but until it hits updates you can grab it from here.


November 4th, 2007, 02:03 AM
Today I installed Edubuntu 7.10 i386 followed by mythbuntu 7.10.
My hardware is AMD64, but edubuntu AMD64 (previous attempt) would not behave as nicely as the i386.
In order to succeed I have to independently install mythtv-common, after which mythbuntu finished the install without errors.

I have rebooted ( yea, windows SOP, I know I shouldn't have needed to.)

But I cannot open the control center. It asks for the sudo password, then nothing.

Does the 64 bit issue affect the i386 install running on 64b hardware? I would think not.
Would it harm my installation to attempt to install this patch?
Any other thoughts?

Many thanks,

November 4th, 2007, 02:11 AM
ok, so I suffer from add and cod, so I couldn't wait for advice. I installed the patch and it seems to be working now. Just thought I'd let you know.