View Full Version : Gusty and Gnopernicus? Also screen magnification at login?

October 24th, 2007, 05:59 PM
Hello all,

I just installed Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon 7.10. I must say that the installation was a breeze. I was able to use full screen magnifications and speech synthesis from the live CD! This made installation of linux possible and quite frankly a pleasure. Also, the improvements made to the Universal Access are nice and enable further customizations that was previously not available. I had a few questions regarding making my new installation even more accessible.
First, I noticed that gnopernicus was not installed by default. So, I installed it using apt-get install gnopernicus. However, when I ran gnopernicus I only got speech output and the screen magnifier did not seem to work. I would like to get gnopernicus working with the magnifier because gnopernicus allows the user to set hot keys that will enable dynamic changes such as zooming in or zooming out. I am not aware that orca has this feature. Does any one know how I can use gnopernicus to enable full screen magnification?

Second, I would like to have some sort of magnification software or speech synthesis running at login time when GDM starts. Can this be accomplished?

Any help would be great,

October 26th, 2007, 05:03 PM
Hello again,

I found a "quick" solution to the gnopernicus problem, that seemed to work on my computer.

I first started orca, and then I started gnopernicus. I had to disable speech in gnopernicus, since orca was still talking.
(Startup modes, uncheck speech). After that I went ahead and set up a few keyboard shortcuts by going to Preferences -> Command Mapping -> User Defined tab -> Add. I was presented with a window that allowed me to select a keyboard combination. After confirming my keyboard selection another window showed up that asked me to select a command (such as increase x, decrease y, invert on, ...) to be mapped. That was it. This seemed to work well for me and now I can zoom in and out, or turn inverse on and off with the keyboard combinations I set up.

Also, any suggestions or ideas on how to enable screen magnification and speech synthesis at the login time (when I am prompted for my user name and password) would be greatly appreciated.