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October 18th, 2007, 12:00 PM
It was decided in the IRC meeting on Tuesday, Oct 16 that the issue of expiring memberships would be tabled for discussion on the forums. Since I saw no discussion I decided to help get this rolling.

below are the relevant lines from the discussion, full log link found below.

<w4ett> I'm going to jump to item #4: Proposal to extend the team member's indefinately (no expiration date)
<defragmeout> i like this idea
<w4ett> we have been discussing dispensing with then expiration dates for membership
<saxonjf> I am moderately opposed
<defragmeout> why?
<pace_t_zulu> i'd like to chime in here
<w4ett> our absent leader set the team up this way with annual recerts
<pace_t_zulu> if i hadn't received the email about membership expiring i wouldn't be here now
<defragmeout> hmm
<pace_t_zulu> i think expiring memberships are a good idea
<desertc> pace_t_zulu, +1
<lengau> I approve with hesitation. Perhaps we should make recert every 5 or 10 years, rather?
<pace_t_zulu> 1 year
<w4ett> the normal procedure in the locos
<saxonjf> I'd compromise to two years
<pace_t_zulu> if someone doesn't revisit the team within a year they're not active anyway
<w4ett> is non-expiring memberships
<defragmeout> well.. that is true
<pace_t_zulu> are we trying to inflate our numbers here?
<saxonjf> It allows for those who drop out in reality isn't bothered.
<w4ett> no.... pace_t_zulu
<lengau> Hang on... So it only expires if you're inactive? Then I'd say that 2 monts or a year is reasonable.
<lengau> *6 months
<desertc> We're just trying to keep it from being a problem again, but you bring up a good point.
<sumguy231> second 1 year. That's a reasonable enough amount of time.
<nealmcb-temp> the colorado team got rid of expirations, perhaps just to avoid some admin overhead, but I see the value of seeing if folks are still interested. Is it possible to let people approve their own renewal?
<pace_t_zulu> 1 year
<desertc> For whatever reason, pleia2 recommended no expry.
<w4ett> no it expires on the annivsary date
<pace_t_zulu> registration is open anyway... someone can always rejoin
<w4ett> neal...no
<w4ett> we are a closed team
<saxonjf> It appears that membership is given relatively easily
<desertc> w4ett, I thought we already agreed on this decision a while ago.
<johncub> w4ett, can you explain 'closed team'?
<nealmcb-temp> E.g. I think the ubuntumembers team requires initial approval, but allows self-approval for renewals, but I may be wrong
<w4ett> in the interest of democracy...and not having a leader
<w4ett> it should be a team decision
<saxonjf> We should really have a vote, to settle the matter
<desertc> w4ett, request this discussion get tabled to the forums
<nealmcb-temp> I'm curious what the options are and other input from other teams
<johncub> I second tabling discussion for future pondering
<w4ett> is there a second on desertc 's request?
* nealmcb-temp nods
<saxonjf> If we are to table, I want it brought up again at a definite time
<w4ett> desertc: start a thread re: this issue please
<saxonjf> next meeting, two weeks from now, whatever.
* desertc is of the opinion it doesn't matter very much in the scheme of things.
<w4ett> if you wouldn't mind?
<johncub> I propose revisiting this discussion at next week's IRC meeting

Full irc log: http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/2007/10/17/%23ubuntu-us-tn.html

October 18th, 2007, 02:52 PM
Why set expirations on team memberships? The goal is to build the team, not hinder it. Ubuntu Members have an expiration of 2 years, to keep commitment up on the Ubuntu project, however, they are encouraged to reapply at the end of the 2 years. Even Mark Shuttleworth is not above this.

If you would like to follow a similar model for your team, may I suggest then incentives to acquire an official "team membership", of which that expires after 2 years as well, but keeping all the regular members on board?

Maybe I don't understand fully what's being discussed here, but I think forcing people to stay active in the team, or weeding them out will hinder more than build.