View Full Version : Hardware upgrades

October 14th, 2007, 05:11 PM
Just been thinking about what a wholesale take up of Linux would mean to the hardware market.
When i used to use xp, I used a lot of benchmarking programs and usually the latest programs (ie:- roxio video suites etc).
Also with the constant drain of antivirus/firewall/adware programs meant I usually upgraded components twice a year on average.(Liked to keep the benchmark scores nice and high).
After i ditched windows completely (just after i upgraded to my athlon 939 x2 3800) the only upgrades I have done is new memory to replace a faulty stick, And a new graphics card:- nvidia 7950gt. (Like to play sauerbraten etc)
It seems to me that hardware sales are now being actively pushed by software company's and graphics's card company's. Microsoft, Nvidia and ati spring to mind.
What's the point of a new processor upgrade when the operating system i use works fast enough already.(except possibly for more points when folding).