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October 1st, 2007, 02:37 AM
This is just a note to let you know that you should, really, really sign up for the mailing list.

I post on this forum when events are set in stone, but all discussion is on the mailing list. For example, we're currently discussing our approval, and the Gutsy release party.

If you'd like to be an important part of the team, please join the mailing list and join the discussion.


May 20th, 2009, 09:43 PM
Hello All,

How's it going? O:) I just joined the mailing list and I was wondering if anyone here have any kind of programming exoerience? I just started reading this book, called Beginning Linux Programming by Richard Stones and Neil Mathews (by WROX Press) (it's in C). Its pretty good book, if anyone want to get their feet wet in to the linux programming world. This wrox company has also written book called... Professional Linux Programming... but this beginner's book is so thick it'll take a while to get it through my thick head.
Well on the other side, I would love it if we can keep exchanging daily or weekly, ubuntu tips.. like how to do stuff in ubuntu.

good day,