View Full Version : Website database content grabber App

August 12th, 2005, 06:36 AM
Hi to my new open source friends.
First, what im after is not some website hacking software or anything.
I dont know much about this and Google searches yield several results that are hard to understand (for me anyway).

What I want to do is get a suppliers database from their website.
I have access to a limited data price list from them, they will send me a CD of images, but wont get of their butt to give me database content (detailed product descriptions for instance) in any form for an ecommerce website!

They told me to copy past each item i was after!!!

As I run an ecommerce site, copy and pasting a thousand products across is just not acceptable, it took me an hour to get 10 across.

I have searched other forums, and found heaps of info, and heaps of warnings on using things carefully etc.

Wget seems to be popular as does curl, but I have no idea on what either does.

I have permission of sorts, im doing it to sell their stuff, and they are not helping me, and have not said no, so I dont think im doing anything wrong.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks for listening


Edit* I forgot to add that the website is a dynamically driven PHP site if that helps.