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September 28th, 2007, 08:24 PM
Dear all,

I am sure this is not the first time such a question is asked, so, I don't need more than keywords repository names, and a little help. I want to make a custom installation CD of Ubuntu, on which such features are available:

- Open Office Removed
- Eclipse Installed in /opt/eclipse/
- Sun Java installed
- g++ installed
- Grub is modified to hold windows at the beginning. (I am installing it in a windows lab actually, so I don't want to mess things up a lot for other people)
- Well, path variable modified to be so and so by default.

After all, I want things such that to be installed on one click. All of the machines are similar, so I don't want to get through the process of repartitioning and so. I need it to be totally automatic. Just entering the machine name and the IP.

Could you tell me how to do that? Well, if there is more problems that I can face for any specific feature, could you warn me in order to make life easier for me?

I forgot to say, I don't need it fancy, so I don't talk about a live CD or so. Any command line based installation is very fine. Actually I want to modify the alternate Ubuntu CD.

September 29th, 2007, 09:46 PM
g++ is installed automatically i think but not the build essentials.

you will hve to start with alternate cd but i dont know the rest....