View Full Version : New Linux Users?

September 26th, 2007, 06:11 PM
My <relative> has an old slow Dell with XP on it. It is incredibly slow, 256 RAM. I offered to sell my other computer to <relative> and <relative>'s family (4 total). I was going to sell it at school, and had already restored it to OEM condition with XP, however, I didn't want to sell a computer with Windows on it, but I knew my <relative> would need it, at least for a while (AOL Dial up), so I offered to set it up as a multiboot with Linux, which went over well and with an open mind :D.

I set it up with XP, Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS as I think these are good distros for a family of 4 (two are children). I installed all free software on the XP, Office, Media Players, AV, Text editor, Archive management, others. Hopefully, the only bloatware will be XP and AOL, until the switch to Linux can be made...

The key to make Linux desktop friendly is not to expect the the average user to install an OS. It must be unwrap, plug in (they sometimes have trouble here...), and turn on, AND THEN IT WORKS. Evern Arch would be userfriendly for the average user if it were all set up.