View Full Version : Looking to Participate (Central - Southern California)

September 19th, 2007, 09:39 AM

I'd very much like to be a part of this team if there is any activity going on. I've been a linux user for personal usage since RedHat 5.2 and an Ubuntu user since 6.10. I am now running Tribe 5 of 7.10 on my primary system.

I love spreading the word about the progress of this operating system and showing its capabilities to other people. I've gotten approximately 30 people to switch to Ubuntu by choice after working on one of my ubuntu systems (desktop and/or laptop configurations)

A little about my background:

I am currently a UNIX/Linux administrator by profession, having worked with various UNIX and Linux distro's since 1998.

The primary focus of my career has been towards Windows technical computing and networking since 1997, building and configuring some of the first "zeroadmin" Windows NT 4.0 environments ever used in North American businesses, and doing live conversions of Novell 4.x environments to Active Directory 2003. I've been packaging, in some cases to logo compliance, windows applications since SMS version 1.2 and up to Wise Package Studio 5 (MSI based) (I believe, they re-brand that too so often) I always simultaneously supported various UNIX and Linux business systems since then, ranging from your Mainframe AS/400's, your Digital MicroVAX'es, to DG/UX. I also maintained Network Infrastructure on anything from 16MB tokenRing on Synoptics MAU's and Type 1 Cabling, to load balanced Cisco 6509 core environments with PIX firewalls and anything else imaginable in between.

Close to two years ago, I decided to make a career decision and accepted a job offer that would change my focus from a Windows Technical lead admin and network admin to a UNIX/Linux systems Administrator. I was getting pretty bored with windows by this time. From a technical computing aspect in Linux, I help support and maintain a "small" Parallel compute cluster consisting os 18 IBM X series 1U servers, each with 2x dual core opteron processors and 16GB of ram, interconnected via Infiniband. The linux desktops I help support push a lot of high end graphics, some using quadrant based displays consisting of Quadro FX X2 cards, driving High end projectors, Digital Imaging Tables, and/or multiple 24" or 30" LCD displays all over the San Joaquin Valley. I also currently maintain a(n) */UX environment consisting of purely 64-bit linux desktops, Solaris servers, Linux servers, SAN/NAS, and even a few SGI IRIX boxes. My ubuntu experience is purely recreational, I do not have the application vendor support to run it at my place of work at this time. (but you never know what CAN happen in time)

I'd very much like to be an active part of this team and help organize meetings, or setup projects or workshops.

... I'm also an amateur guitar player, muscle car fan (I own a 1969 Torino GT project car) and a Raider fan! :-) Technology is my first and favorite hobby. It also happens to be the way I pay the bills :)

I hope to get the chance to participate!