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September 19th, 2007, 03:35 AM
My family and I just moved here from Massachusetts where I had just started getting involved in the Mass Ubuntu Group. I was a teacher at a small Christian school and was just starting to implement Edubuntu as a solution for classroom computers. Now I'm at a new school and would like to work Ubuntu into our system. I have two needs currently and was hoping some people in this group might be able to help.

#1 - I am co-presenting a workshop at the Rocky Mountain Christian Educators Convention held in Morrison. I will be discussing low and no-cost solutions for schools and plan to highlight Edubuntu and demonstrate its capabilities. I was wondering if I could get help in creating some live cds to hand out at the workshop. It wouldn't be that many (<20 probably).

#2 - We are using Ubuntu to create our yearbook. Jostens has a great web app we'll use with Firefox. We will be using the GIMP and Krita to do our image editing and Picasa to store photos. We are in need of a couple more desktops to load Ubuntu on. If anyone has some contacts with extra hardware, our school could use them.

I just started teaching at this new school and its very busy, but as we get settled here I'd love to look into joining the group. Thanks for your help.

September 19th, 2007, 07:23 AM
Hey There,
I'm the current team leader for CoLoCo and live in Lakewood, so I can definitely help you out with LiveCDs (I have about 150 pressed Ubuntu ones, and might have some Edubuntu ones as well). I can also show up to help you present if you would like to give you some "official support' on the LoCo side of things.

If you wouldn't mind, please join our mailing list and start posting there because I check that more often and you will also get better exposure to more people on the team (including a few of us who are going to be or already are teachers who promote Ubuntu in school systems!)

The mailing list subscribe page can be found at:

David Overcash

September 20th, 2007, 06:05 AM
Thanks for the reply. I've joined the mailing list.

It'd be great if you wanted to be at the workshop to help answer any questions and give some official support. The convention is October 5 and 6. I just this week found out I will be presenting and I don't know which day my workshop will be. I will be co-presenting with a fellow teacher. It'd be great if you had some edubuntu disks or even ubuntu. I found out I may have the budget to get a couple computers for yearbook. I think I'll probably get some refurbished Dells and install ubuntu.