View Full Version : emu 1212 sound card

September 9th, 2007, 09:55 PM

Im trying to get a emu 1212 sound card to work in ubanutustudio
it shows up in the mixer window as a audagy card
but i cant get any out put from the card . I know the card works
in windows? it also shows up in jack and shows an output
but no sound? can any one help?

Thanks Joseph

September 20th, 2007, 07:36 PM
If you haven't already, I would suggest posting this in a different forum if the issue is still happening. There are more higher traffic locations than the Kansas forum. I don't have any knowledge/experience with the equipment and software you mention, and didn't want to post under the pretense of providing support.

With any device in Linux, I've found there are two possibilities. Either someone else has got it working before or no one has. In the second situation, like with Lexmark printers for example, they have closed source specs on the device and drivers that makes it difficult for Linux developers to write the code. You can usually find which category your device falls into with a few minutes of searching with device numbers and the words 'ubuntu' 'linux' 'feisty' etc.

As for Creative, they currently lack Linux support for the most part. So without further research, your device may fall in the second category. If that is the case, then you have two choices, get a different soundcard that is compatible with the OS now or use a different OS so you can use your device.

I think Creative makes the best music/video players on the market today. I know that people are able to get the Zen players for example work with Ubuntu, but there is a higher demand for players to work than sound cards.

Don't worry, eventually this will all even out, the hardware manufacturers will realize that Linux has become a viable option for people and that they are losing market share to their competitors and the lost profits will result in research and development for their products to be compatible in Windows, Macintosh and Linux all.

By then, Google will have purchased Microsoft and the OS's they release will be based on an open sourced kernel anyway!:)