View Full Version : Install fest with a twist

September 2nd, 2007, 09:15 AM
I put out a couple feelers about this idea and it seems those who responded want to do something like this... nation wide.

When you think of an install fest, you think of a single location and specific time of day. What I'm looking to do is coordinate a massive one day install fest/release party of Hardy Heron.

The primary target: College Students.
Where: Collegetown, USA

I want to organize one of the largest distribution specific install fests we can possibly find. Do you have a large A4 class college near your area? Look into setting an install fest on campus for a specific day.

When: Last week in April, pending

College students have friends scattered across multiple campuses. If we can target as many different colleges as possible for a single day, there is a better chance to be noticed.

I've got the idea started... now I just need people interested to chime in their support for the project. This is not a small project either and will take hundreds of people to take part in for this to work. This is a way to build your LoCo by meeting new people interested in Linux. A way to sharpen your skills by answering questions.

I feel Hardy Heron 8.04 is going to be the springboard for the already emerging Linux on the desktop. Showing a massive level of support across the nation will turn a keen eye for the future development. Feedback, ideas, pledge for support, organization tactics, etc.

I will get the project rolling and help people get in contact with others for the install fest, but I need state leads to get involved to help boost the visibility of the project.

Make your mark.