View Full Version : Diablo II Sound Problem after WINE Update

August 13th, 2007, 05:37 PM
Before updating my WINE software, Diablo II was working flawlessly: perfect sound, perfect video, even superior to when I used Windows. However, after updating WINE, the sound is extremely quiet in Diablo II. Can anyone help me fix this problem? (I'm new to using Linux, so I'm clueless about what to do.)

Beren Camlost
August 13th, 2007, 07:16 PM
You updated from what version, and to what version?

August 14th, 2007, 02:42 AM
I updated from 0.9.42 to 0.9.43.

Beren Camlost
August 15th, 2007, 12:29 AM
I tried to fire up Diablo 2 first in Wine 0.9.42, then with 0.9.43. Ran fine, and no sound issues in either. No idea what it could be :/

Only noticed that Alt + picking up items didn't work, but think that's related to the windows manager. Suppose I should find a workaround for that somehow.
Edit: Disabling windows manager in winecfg nicely did the trick :p