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i can haz a parole
August 7th, 2007, 09:17 PM
Hi there,

I'm previously banned member "Old Pink" - here for more information/to complain.

Today I logged into Ubuntu Forums, and saw a message saying I had a new private message, and I should click OK to view or cancel to ignore, you know the type. Anyway, the message title was "You have received an infraction at Ubuntu Forums" or something of that nature, although I can't remember the sender's name.

Anyway, upon clicking OK to read, I was told I don't have permission to read. I didn't have permission to do anything, I was banned, or so it seemed. So I logged out, cleared cookies and headed to my user profile, no mention of burnt beans or a ban, so it must be temporary, I presume. Anyway, I checked my recent posts, and my post about the new Apple iMacs has been deleted?! Gone!?

Are you denying the existence of your competitors? Are you playing the MS card, and anything non-ubuntu related, no matter what forum it's in, must be shunned, deleted and it's user punished? I don't understand! It's despicable! It's not as if I came here, registered and my first post was some anti-ubuntu, pro-apple crap. I've been here a year, made over 1000 support posts and post a thread about watching the live Apple conference and I'm banned?!

Or am I banned? I received no real contact? I mean, you send me something telling me my punishment, and then ban me from reading it. How long does this ban last? Is it a ban? Does it expire? Why didn't I get a copy of the details in my email inbox, or the right to read (not reply/compose - wouldn't want me spreading my pro-apple news in private) my PM inbox? I turn off the feature to have every PM carbon copied to me via email, as it gets annoying reading everything twice but in this case it's exactly what I needed.

Please, post details here, don't privately kick me out and keep my profile the same so people just think I've left. Don't refrain from telling even me what I've done wrong. Just post the details here in a reply, and email me at matt@mbhoy.com - with an address I can reply and correspond with to help me get the information I need and get this sorted ASAP.

- Matt
MBHoy.com (http://mbhoy.com)

Can you blame me for the cheesy icanhascheezburger.com name? ;)

August 7th, 2007, 09:20 PM
The infraction has been reversed . Your post about the Apple computers was mistaken for spam.

The staff apologises for this

August 7th, 2007, 09:23 PM

I mistook your thread as spam and banned you. I sent you a PM to your Old Pink account apologising. Sorry for the mix-up.