View Full Version : Got a Buffalo WHR-G125 for DD-WRT

July 30th, 2007, 03:31 PM
Well, I bit the bullet and got a DD-WRT router. My faithful server at home that has routed my internets for around 4 years has had a second hard drive die yesterday. Unfortunately, thanks to the nature of IDE drives, a drive down usually means unpredictable system stability (the server went down hard even though that hard drive wasn't critical)

So, after a bit of research, I came across the Buffalo WHR-G125 as being the starchild of DD-WRT (as opposed to an WRT54G* model, as I would've expected)

I found one conveniently at Circuit City for 29.99USD this week (49.99-$20 rebates) and am very happy. Flashing wasn't a difficult procedure, and DD-WRT works great.

Of course, I promptly proceeded to waste 25 minutes of time compiling irssi on it!

Hopefully this means truly set-it-and-forget-it routing for me, and acceptable performance that I've accepted on my server for years. And a bit of reduced power bills would be nice too :D

Bottom line, ANYONE in the market for a router, I highly recommend to research/choose something that can run dd-wrt. The kinds of things you can do with dd-wrt are well worth the extra few dollars you spend on DD-WRT. It unlocks gateway abilities that would otherwise cost you 10 times as much, and even then I doubt you get this level of flexibility.

July 30th, 2007, 05:04 PM
Yes dd-wrt is the best! You can even set up initial login pages for connecting computers (if you are running a business with wifi), set static ip addresses, do all kinds of filtering, and of course lots of security.

Router companies should just give up on their crappy software and ship with dd-wrt installed, IMO.