View Full Version : Please test the current CD builds and provide feedback; details inside

July 18th, 2007, 03:33 PM
Hello, dear testers. The development community has a special task for you today.

As most of you know, Tribe 3 is coming out soon. Before it is released, the developers want to make sure that all the CD images are tested and working. To facilitate this, you can help by testing the current builds. The images that need testing are at the following link: https://isotesting.stgraber.org/isotesting/build/All

All the ones in red require some attention. If everyone could pick one or two CDs and test them, that would be magnificent. However, there are some procedures that are slightly different than what you're used to:

- Please test the CDs with the least number of tests completed; this is indicated by the numbers in the Test Status column. This ensures that each image gets the maximum possible amount of testing, rather than simply the most popular CDs being tested a lot, and the less popular ones neglected.

- All reporting, whether it's bugs or success stories, must be done at the isotracker (the site that was linked to earlier), and not here at the forums.

- After you're done testing the CD, please head over to the isotracker, and file a report for each part of the CD listed there. If necessary, file bugs there as well. The reports are short and painless, but much appreciated.

Thank you.

July 18th, 2007, 08:18 PM
I was already downloading server, and had downloaded (via RSYNC) i386 version earlier this morning. How soon before the rebuilds are complete?

I'll pick some of the others and download/test.

Thanks in advance.