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July 11th, 2007, 11:20 PM
Hello Everyone,
My name is Dolev.
Before a period for more than a year, the Israeli website of Ubuntu.
After a year that the website was not avaliable, I was thinking to open a website that will answer the needs of the Israeli community and will provide support and help for the Ubuntu users.
I sent a few mails to the responsible group for the LOCO and the responses I got were: "look for the old staff of Ubuntu Israel and to to them".
unfortunately the old group, and in the head of the group Sivan Green, are not avaliable and even not answering.
I chose for a while to open an Israeli community not formal.
The address of the community is:

I ask you to please let me the right to manage the Israeli LOCO.
The old staff is not responsering and the searching after them was faild.
I turn to you in the name of all Ubuntu users in Israel.
Please give us the Loco and the domain ubuntu.org.il.

Thank you!!

Contact me:
Mail: shezif@012.net.il
Skype: shezif.net
MSN: shezif@shezif.net