View Full Version : Ubuntu Community Library for CD's

July 9th, 2007, 06:03 AM
Well, Iwas wondering to myself about the responses that I pick from the threads I read in this community concerning DISTRIBUTION IN KENYA and realised that one major challenge that we have is availability of Installation Cd's. Read the treads yourself and you will see appeals of people seeking a copy of this or that distro of ubuntu.

I realise Kenyan's do not not yet have broadband high speed internet that would enable users to download software from servers all over the world or even set up (local )country mirrors for esay download.

The result is that Ubuntu and other Linux enthusiasts will have to for now rely on borrowed installation CD's or DVD's. However, not many people know who has what distros and where to find them.

My suggestion for now is that this community leadership lead the way in the establishment of an UBUNTU/Linux community library where people in a specific locations can borrow and return installation CD's

This way,only a few "master CD's" are needed to serve a large number of users.

Such a library can be operated without the need of any physical facilities and would use only a few point leaders who are accessible and willing to keep or carry around the Cd'S with them while monitoring the borowing,returning and als the integrity of the installation media.

Such a library can be set by coordinating the already existing resources, as would be voluntered for copying by those who own them.

I believe this is one Ubuntu way of sharing the few resources we have for the good of all.

The benefits of such "a facility" would include,encouragement of the use Retired computers which could be cheaper to acquire and compatible wit Linux; Exposing programmers to the functions of Linux so that they can learn in and be in a position to drive customization including building SWAHILI TRANSLATIONS based on their mastery of what they already know.

Another benefit would be to keep up with distro information. Right now there is a stable release of
UBUNTU 7.04 desktop and also 7.04 server edition,and I wonder how a user in Meru or Kitale would acquire any of these if nothing is done.

Let us think about this , let us discuss this and let us act on this.