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July 1st, 2007, 11:46 AM
The game:http://www.darkelf.eu/?from=13
Please digg:http://digg.com/playable_web_games/Dark_Elf_cz_launches_an_European_shard_in_English

Heya forum users. I have some new spam for you ツ

I've been playing this pretty cool Czech online game with a few friends of mine... and as you'd have it, one of them, who calls himself Stierlitz, got so hooked by the community he actually started doing free work for it (!). Most importantly, he had the entire thing launched in English, so that a broader community could join the fun.
I promised to try and get a few English-speaking players here. Please do excuse some of the in-game translations, not all of the translators' English was perfect ;) Here's a message regarding that from Stierlitz:

Yes, the game is being translated from Czech and yes, some parts sound very funny. My team of translator trolls and I are on the job and we'll try to make it better as fast as we can :-)

About the game:
It is a turn based strategy game - one day is one round. During one round, you get assigned a few turns (5-11) based on the race you play (there are 11 races). Each turn, you gain money, mana and population in each of your lands (territories), and each day, you can send attacks and/or spells. They get evaluated every 24 hours.

The goal of the game is to defeat the Dark Elf, who lives in a mountainous, magically shielded fortress in the middle of the World map. In order to succeed, you will need the support of your alliance, and enough fate to generate the power needed to create a portal through which you could attack him.