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Old Pink
June 28th, 2007, 08:25 PM

Used to have my blog (http://mbhoy.com) on it, now it's just empty. :)

Any ideas on what I could/should host on it? I can't host porn, forums, chat rooms, anything like that, it's just a free account, but I got it because I like the name.moved.in thing. :P

Full list of what I cannot host:

You agree to not use the Service to:
- host web sites based on a forum (portal, IPDL etc.)
- host any forum software (use pro-board.com instead)
- host sites based on phpnuke / postnuke (server laggers)
- host any sort of chat software
- host or link illegal / copyrighted files (mp3's, videos ...)
- host or link any adult related content
- host or link any fraudulent web site
- host link farms or advertisements
- host online games (PHP / Perl etc.)
- submit data to other servers (ex. spam/submission scripts)
- make any profits (referral links / banners / paid links)

You are also not allowed to:
- create multiple accounts
- sell or rent your account
- invite family members
- share your account with others
- send mass mailings of any kind
- use our service as file hosting service
- use our service as image hosting service (ebay images, signatures ...)

Pretty much covers everything. :(

But you lot are creative, knowledgeable people, all in your own way, or so I've seen. Any ideas at all? :)