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June 25th, 2007, 01:44 PM
Hi all,

Mark Shuttleworth recently made his opinions clear (http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/127) about the attempt by Microsoft to standardize their OOXML format. Marks opinions reflect those of a majority of the open source community. The OOXML format is a flawed standard for reasons that can be found at the following addresses:


There is now a petition at http://www.noooxml.org/petition which you can sign if you agree that OOXML should NOT be classed as an open standard.

Also, the UK standardization committee will stop accepting comments on this proposed standard on June 30th. There are details on the noooxml.org site on how to contact them, if you feel strongly about this issue I would ask that you do so.



June 25th, 2007, 01:56 PM
It's sad it's only at 7000 when more than a few days ago it was at 3000.