View Full Version : Looking for Experienced Ubuntu Users

June 22nd, 2007, 04:34 PM
Hello Everyone!

My company is working on a online conference, to be held in July, titled "Global Operators: Windows, Linux & Mac" This conference will be held online and there will be no cost to attend. The conference will have different events for Windows, Linux and Mac.

We are currently looking for experienced Ubuntu users who are interested in speaking about Ubuntu. We are unable to pay any speakers, because this conference is being offered for free....so all speakers are volunteering their time. If you have a idea for a Event Topic that you would like to speak about, please complete this short application: http://planetxforms.com/pxf.php?i=38955934&v=C9A2&h=1&a=draw

If you have any questions, you can AIM. Our AIM Screenname is: zortechsolutions

Thank You for your time.