View Full Version : feisty ati + beryl amd64

June 20th, 2007, 01:31 AM
i have buillt a new computer using asus m2n w/ am 3600 x2 cpu, have feisty as main os + vmware w/win xp. took old hard drive out of asus a7v8x w radeon 9200 card on which i have beryl, put it in external encloser as a usb drive. now plugged in new machine, feisty sees it as it is all files intact, bios sees it and i can opt to boot it first. question is since feisty has been running good i don't want to mess it up. should i just format this drive or is it safe to try boot? more thn likely i'll get black screen since i now use radeon x1300 which i cannot get installed , as no posts are sure on this unsupported card. any suggestions appreciated.