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June 16th, 2007, 10:27 AM
Hello, i am a CNC milling machinist and wante to talk to other CNC programmers.

I want to convert my company to Ubuntu and was wondering if there is anyone else who is in the same field of work that has done the same. Im curious on what, if any, CNC/CAD/CAM/DNC programs are avaiblable for ubuntu or any other linux / CNC information there is out there?

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June 17th, 2007, 04:55 PM

I'm a mechanical engineer, and even though I have not used and CNC machines lately I can say that there are some CAD programs, for example

Qcad (http://www.qcad.org/qcad.html)

is an acceptable 2-D CAD software, but there is more. For CNC, there are the following links


For a list of engineering applications on Linux you can try the following links


I'm not sure if this helps you, as I am not using CNC. But there is some effort going on, but I am not sure of the maturity of the projects and if they can fulfill your needs. Why not try them out on a simple computer and decide?