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July 6th, 2005, 12:14 AM
I have been chatting with Michael Vogt on the Synaptic updates and what news is in on it's basic updates compared to 0.56. Here is the updated news I have received from him during our chat.

Here are the changes (from the NEWS file):
- if no changes are detected in the terminal window in
rgdebinstallprogress after a certain timeout the expander
is opened (assuming that something hangs inside)
- updated Chinese/Traditional translation (thanks to Woodman Tuen)
- updated Bulgarian translation (thanks to Yavor Doganov)
- updated Catalan translation (thanks to Jordi)
- updated Bulgarian translation (thanks to Yavor Doganov)
- updated Spanish translation (thanks to Jorge Bernal)
- updated Brasilian translation (thanks to Andre Luis Lopes)
- set title in repository window
- various bugfixes (should build on rpm fine again)
- dist-upgrade is default when when hiting upgrade
- minor bugfix

It's probably slightly more but that's about it. Mostly bugfixes and
i18n updates, some UI improvments.

Please send me
a short notice if you plan to backport synaptic so that I can check if
it's safe or not (e.g. because some stuff is too experimental or
because it depends on new apt features).

It is VERY important that whoever is Backport Developer and has contact to Michael Vogt that they e-mail him before doing any further updates to the backports for Synaptics Package Manager.

If no one from the Backport Staff has contact with him, please contact me so I can get a hold of him.

The e-mail will not be posted due to security purposes.

July 6th, 2005, 02:36 AM
This assumes there are plans to backport synaptic. Normally the backports team doesn't touch things that aren't in Breezy.