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June 5th, 2007, 02:34 PM
I've never used this site (http://www.experts-exchange.com) per se, but it seems to come up from time to time during some of my googling.

I noticed that the site is now extremely glossy and has encrypted text for it's "solutions". I looked at the source code and noticed that the text under the masked .gif image was actually sitting there in plain text.

So I took some of the text and ran it through an old encryption/decryption JavaScript assignment I had to make for school. The source code has been attached of course (just change the extension to .html)!

Look at the results:


Bx, V'ir pnyyrq naq yrsg qrgnvyrq vasbezngvba jvgu gur urycqrfx, gurl jvyy sbejneq ba gb gur Nqzva fb V qba'g ernyyl unir nal nafjref nobhg GYF lrg, ohg gurl qvq fnl gurl ner hfvat Ybghf Abgrf, abg fher vs gung znxrf n qvssrerapr.
jura V qb n afybbxhc ba gur qbznva anzr gur erghea vasbezngvba qbrf abg yvfg na VC nqqerff vg bayl ercrngf gur qbznva anzr onpx gb zr. Guvf frrzrq fgenatr fb V jrag gb QAFFghss naq ena na rznvy grfg naq vg erghearq gur zk erpbeq naq fnvq vg pbaarpg pbeerpgyl.Abj, abg gb pbashfr guvf vffhr ohg V abj unir n frpbaq pbzcnal V nz hanoyr gb fraq rznvyf gb naq gur AQEf ner vqragvpny. fb V'z fhfcrpgvat gur ceboyrz zvtug or ng zl raq ohg abguvat vf fubjvat hc va rirag ivrjre naq V qba'g frrz gb or univat nal QAF vffhrf.  Nyy bgure znvy frrzf gb or fraqvat naq erpvrivat jvgubhg vffhr.

Key Value:



yk, I'Ve called aNd lefT deTailed iNfORmaTiON WiTh The helPdeSk, TheY Will fORWaRd ON TO The AdmiN SO I dON'T ReallY haVe aNY aNSWeRS abOUT 3L2 YeT, bUT TheY did SaY TheY aRe USiNg LOTUS xOTeS, NOT SURe if ThaT makeS a diffeReNce.
WheN I dO a NSlOOkUP ON The dOmaiN Name The ReTURN iNfORmaTiON dOeS NOT liST aN Iz addReSS iT ONlY RePeaTS The dOmaiN Name back TO me. 3hiS Seemed STRaNge SO I WeNT TO Dx22TUff aNd RaN aN email TeST aNd iT ReTURNed The mX RecORd aNd Said iT cONNecT cORRecTlY.xOW, NOT TO cONfUSe ThiS iSSUe bUT I NOW haVe a SecONd cOmPaNY I am UNable TO SeNd emailS TO aNd The xD1S aRe ideNTical. SO I'm SUSPecTiNg The PROblem mighT be aT mY eNd bUT NOThiNg iS ShOWiNg UP iN eVeNT VieWeR aNd I dON'T Seem TO be haViNg aNY Dx2 iSSUeS. &aOfc;All OTheR mail SeemS TO be SeNdiNg aNd RecieViNg WiThOUT iSSUe.

June 5th, 2007, 03:36 PM
So you basically bugged us all to say that a site where signing up is free uses ROT13 encryption? And that you can't even decrypt it accurately?

June 5th, 2007, 03:46 PM
Well, if I knew that, I wouldn't have posted anything... It was an old school assignment, so I was proud of it.

Also, it doesn't decrypt properly because I've included the number 0-9 and upper AND lower case letters in the Latin alphabet.

June 5th, 2007, 04:09 PM
@altonbr: I thought it was cool :D

Also I thought you had to pay for those solutions.

June 5th, 2007, 04:12 PM
No, you don't.

June 5th, 2007, 04:37 PM
No, you don't.

where's the need for such harshness?

June 6th, 2007, 01:23 AM
Brevity isn't harsh.

June 6th, 2007, 01:28 AM
Brevity isn't harsh.