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June 4th, 2007, 09:58 AM
Vid Ayer has recently started a thread (https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-women/2007-June/000946.html) on Ubuntu-Women mailing list which I quote here entirely. She (and we) are looking for input and feedback from the forums members. Feel free to discuss, thanks.

Hello Everyone,

For the monthly meeting I had some ideas on how to increase the level
of women participating a notch higher. Take it to the next level so to
speak !

The chat timings are probably not suitable for everyone so I spent
some time getting the wiki pages and this mail together so we can
discuss and gather feedback here and on the Forums (Isabelle, please
post it there so we know what people think)

Agenda #1 : Gone global, Act local ... UW_Circle chapters
The title speaks for itself but details are available here[0].
[0] http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/UW_Circle

I can't take credit for the idea as its largely inspired by how SEWA
[1], an Indian women's group grew by organising women and supporting
them at a grassroots level.
[1] http://www.sewa.org/campaigns/index.asp

In short, we need to try and increase the current ratio, from the
lowly 2.4% to a respectable '''double digit''' figure, within say, the
next one year ? Don't you think that would be a nice way to celebrate
UW's second anniversary in 2008 ?!

As in any volunteer project it needs you - people willing to work
toward increasing women's visibility and involvement in the FLOSS

Agenda #2: Getting Mentors to conduct short courses
That is self-explanatory but besides that
- We need to increase the number of mentors willing to encourage and help us.
- Co-ordinate with the MOTU team and the MOTU-mentors team.
- Get existing mentors to join and conduct courses for UW.
- Find things we are interested in and find mentors willing to teach
us those tasks.
- Alternatively find tasks that they need help with and do those.

I did talk to someone who is willing to do a short course so I'll come
back later on this :)

Feel free to add anything I have missed and add your thoughts too....