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June 3rd, 2007, 07:27 AM
http://img453.imageshack.us/img453/7374/untitledon7.th.jpg (http://img453.imageshack.us/my.php?image=untitledon7.jpg)

I have a weird setup and am currently using a tv as my screen with my laptop. Zenwalk configured my screen around my laptop's and the alignment is offscreen. I'm trying to move it or realign it but don't know how. This is the first time running linux with my current setup so I've never had the problem. Any advice is appreciated.

June 19th, 2007, 06:44 PM
i would of posted a few weeks ago, but i couldn't find my manual to my sharp HDTV(ld-26sh3u). ...correct me if wrong....DANGER Will Robinson.. note - do be very careful about your refresh rate of your tv, HDTV or LCD. most run about 60 Hz{a few@50hz}. Do read your manual, before trying different refresh rates. i will try to help you from memory. my HDTV can run at these resolutions; 1024x768, 1280x768, 1360x768 and 1366x768(all@60hz). the vidcard runs at 400x600 through to 1280x768(all@60hz), but not the 1360and1366. So, i m running the HDTV at 1280x768[60hz] and the video card at the same res of 1280X768[60hz]. this is best for my normal settings(looks great). my HDTV has a stretch mode where it auto adjusts the screen size(looks OK). read your manual for your tv to find out the resolution and refresh rate which to run your tv. The newer HDTV/LCD tv sets will warn you if the refresh rate/resolution is not supported{RESOLUTION NOT SUPPORTED or REFRESH RATE OUT OF SINK} note - press the display button on the remote to display the current Resolution/refresh rate. write it down.
i will not tell what resolution/refresh rate, to run your video-card/TV at. You must follow your manuals directions to the letter, to get the best picture. out of the box settings for my sharp HDTV looked fine, but after reading the manual and making the adjustments {as the manual says}. it looks great now. please post the make and model of tv, next time. i may of helped you sooner. ;) note - if lost manual, go to manufacture website to find detailed manual or go to their forums. be careful out there.