View Full Version : Mac Mini Core Duo 1.66Ghz for sale

June 2nd, 2007, 08:02 PM
### SOLD! ### finally got my Fujitsu Siemens "Amilo Pi1505", Linux Mint, and my freedom back again!. All I got to do now, is work out why Apple products are so flipping expensive, and why the pollute the environment so much, needlessly!. Come on Steve - we may have more disposable income in 2007, but we ain't STUPID dude!.

Here is what I had and lost (tears are absent - I learned my lessons!):

MacBook (900?!?! WTF?!)
iMac C2D 20" (ANOTHER 900+; *DOUBLE* wtf?!!)
Mac Mini; cheapest of the lot @ 399, but 512Mb Ram??.... you Apple guys are taking the p*** (and almost being stupid enough to fall for the whole "ooh we can charge you 20 to upgrade the RAM for you, Sirrr" BS melarkey... uhmm no thanks guys, managed that one on my own, no thanks to the sheer stupidity of making a computer SO very tiresome to get inside/easy to scratch while doing the upgrade.

Summary: Apple products - very good looking, VERY stable and VERY aesthetically appealing... but I met a lot of "elite upper class" types upon my Mac travels, and I'd gladly forfeit the ease of use, for good old fashioned, honesty and down-to-earth hacker ethos, ANY DAY!. Whatever else is said, don't forget GNU/Linux, when you buy your first planet, Mr Steve Jobs!.

:) Nice stuff, but too expensive/elite, and you get the whole fanboy parade on your case at the drop of a hat!.