View Full Version : CrossFTP: Put the fun back into FTP and web start

May 31st, 2007, 03:47 AM
It is always a headache to transfer files between machines, especially for different operating systems. Example configurations include sharing directories on server, or install server software, reboot after new install if on windows, find the server and configure client, etc., and it may take quite a long time.

Tools should make it easy to transfer and share the file, and CrossFTP (http://www.gnomefiles.org/app.php/CrossFTP_Client) is a nice one. It has a free FTP client and FTP server to achieve easy file transmits:

Its client is a fully-featured FTP client, and its main advantage is that you can save/load files on the server, auto-reconnect, error recovery, etc. What you need to do is: just one click to Web Start, and you can connect to multiple servers as well by its multi-tabs.
Web Start Now (http://www.crossftp.com/crossftp.jnlp)

Its server is a fully-featured FTP server. Its main advantage is safe (password protection) and easy (GUI interface). What you need to do is: just one click to Web Start, and it has GUI for configuration and monitoring ("Configure" button, "User" Panel, and other panels). It takes effect directly without reboot or wait.
Web Start Now (http://www.crossftp.com/crossftpserver.jnlp)

Its simplicity and ease of use should save a lot of headaches for most people.
System requirements: Java 1.4+

What is your candidates for the easiest of FTP Server and Client software? Here are the screen shots for CrossFTP's client and server respectively.