View Full Version : Help needed for making packaging-type tool in Python

May 31st, 2007, 02:37 AM
Since trying to prototype this tool https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TransparentServicePackMaker in Java (since my University uses Java exclusively) I have since redone it in Python (with the help of GladeGen) but I am struggling to get it working. I have looked through the apt-related Python modules in site-packages but can't understand them, but I think I need to since my own classes are out of their depth.

I would appreciate help with this little project since I think it will be a valuable tool when it works, but it is currently suffering from my lack of coding ability, and I don't want to struggle too far down a ridiculous implementation. I have attached an archive of what I have got so far and an image showing what the buttons should do. I need to work on the backend to make an parse files, etc. to create Debian packages and repositories, but I know that the apt modules will help, so I would really like guidance there if anyone can help :)

If anyone wants to contact me about this by email then you can do so at ChrisWarbo AT GMail DOT com.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you :)