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May 31st, 2007, 12:47 AM
A whole list of good reasons to buy your next computer from Dell beyond the fact Dell now sales Ubuntu pre-installed computers:

Education : 88 Grants totaling a commitment of over $96.8 million
India : 14 Grants totaling a commitment of over $6.6 million
Microfinance : 4 Grants totaling a commitment of over $897,280
Central Texas : 290 Grants totaling a commitment of over $146.7 million
a few samples from the Master Grant List:

November 2006
Fund for Public Schools
www.fundforpublicschools.org (http://www.fundforpublicschools.org/)
To support the New York City Department of Education's student performance accountability initiatives.
December 2005
Charter / New Schools
Aspire Public Schools
www.aspirepublicschools.org (http://www.aspirepublicschools.org/)
To support Aspire Public Schools, California’s largest non-profit charter school management organization (CMO) and one of its strongest academically.
August 2005
School Leadership Development
Teach For America
www.teachforamerica.org (http://www.teachforamerica.org/)
To support national expansion of the Teach for America teaching corps.
December 2004
Robin Hood Foundation
www.robinhood.org (http://www.robinhood.org/)
To support the expansion of Robin Hood Foundation's Library Initiative, in conjunction with the Department of Education, in 10 schools in NYC; the Library Initiative seeks to improve the literacy and academic achievement of underserved elementary school kids by reinventing the elementary school library in NYC public schools.
January 2007
A Glimmer of Hope Foundation
www.aglimmerofhope.org (http://www.aglimmerofhope.org/)
To fund water and sanitation projects to benefit 35,800 people and build a high school that will educate 600 children per year in Ethiopia.
July 2006
Heifer International
www.heifer.org (http://www.heifer.org/)
To fund Year 2 of Heifer's work to help families break the cycle of poverty through providing livestock in China and Kenya.
November 2005
Pratham Mumbai Education Initiative
www.pratham.org (http://www.pratham.org/)
To provide funding to Pratham on three separate projects that improve the delivery and impact of education for large numbers of underprivileged children: 1) a continuation of the previously funded “Direct Urban” program with 286,000 children in the slums of Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad, 2) a “Rural Catalytic” program touching over 1,000,000 children in the three poor, but very large states of Madhya Pradesh (MP), Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Bihar, which affects all 45 districts of MP, and 20 blocks each out of 980 and 618 blocks in UP and Bihar respectively (each block has about 100 villages), and 3) an innovative English teaching pilot in 100 schools (20,000 children) of Thane, Mumbai, using a “Leap Pad” like technology called Pic-Talk.
February 2007
Jewish Community Association of Austin
www.jcaaonline.org (http://www.jcaaonline.org/)
To support the JCAA 2007 annual campaign.

September 2006
Austin Community Foundation
www.austincommunityfoundation.org (http://www.austincommunityfoundation.org/)
To fund the creation of a holistic performance management system in AISD.
August 2003
El Buen Samaritano
www.elbuen.org (http://www.elbuen.org/)
To fund pediatric services at El Buen Samaritano, a provider of health care, emergency food and clothing assistance, advocacy, leadership development, and basic education for working-poor, Spanish-speaking families in Austin.
January 2006
National Museum of American Jewish History
www.nmajh.org (http://www.nmajh.org/)
To help fund construction of a new National Museum of American Jewish History.
December 2005
Disaster Relief
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Ft. Worth, Inc.
www.ccdofw.org (http://www.ccdofw.org/)
To support case management services for Hurricane Katrina evacuees living in the Fort Worth area.
October 2005
National Military Family Association
www.nmfa.org (http://www.nmfa.org/)
To provide increased support for children of deployed and deploying service members to better prepare them for the stress and pain of separation from their parent(s), and surround them with other children experiencing the same situation.
September 2005
Disaster Relief
Catholic Charities USA
www.catholiccharitiesusa.org (http://www.catholiccharitiesusa.org/)
To fund local Catholic Charities agencies' emergency and long-term disaster recovery efforts in areas hit by Hurricane Katrina.
December 2004
Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund
www.fallenheroesfund.org (http://www.fallenheroesfund.org/)
To provide $5,000 to each dependent child of U.S. and U.K. service members killed in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom. In May 2005, the federal government increased the military death benefit from $12,420 to $100,000. Under the MSDF grant, payments were made to 1,058 children affected by operations in Iraq and Afghanistan from October 2001 through May 12, 2005.

September 2006
College Readiness
Advanced Placement Strategies, Inc
www.apstrategies.org (http://www.apstrategies.org/)
To fund the second phase of AP Strategies' six-year training and incentives program currently being implemented in four Texas school districts (Austin, Houston, Pasadena, and Ysleta), which is designed to improve pre-AP and AP access and success for economically disadvantaged students in core subject areas.

January 2007
Operational Excellence
Children First Fund: The Chicago Public Schools Foundation
www.cps.k12.il.us (http://www.cps.k12.il.us/)
To support improved human capital management in Chicago Public Schools.The list goes on and on, see all that the Dell family has given back to the world, and buy your Dell/Ubuntu with a glad heart.

See the complete Master Grant list here:


June 1st, 2007, 08:29 PM
No doubt the funds (just like the funds with many other charities) go for excellent causes. I certainly applaud this particular foundation for putting so much money into the good of the communities around the world. However, this is no evidence to suggest that Dell computers are somehow better computers. Dell made a choice to offer Linux based on the market in which people are constantly pushing for cleaner more secure systems. Linux is certainly well known now among geeks and non-geeks and Dell has, and again I certainly applaud their choices, taken advantage of this.

However, their choice to offer Linux-ready and Linux-supported systems are not the best evidence to suggest they somehow have better systems than other makers. I have personally seen too many troubles come about on Dell systems, I have heard they are improving and have been over the past couple of years. Perhaps this is true, but as suggested on the same website where it was suggested they include Linux as a supported option, they need to work on design of the systems. I certainly do not favor the dell sign and their logo on the back of the systems is rather tacky and the machines seem very bulky when compared to machines like the T and X series IBM laptop computers.

I am certainly biased towards IBM, using an R40. But also I might add that I am not the only one who suggested that their overall design change. In the portable market (not always true in the desktop market) aesthetics is extremely important.

June 1st, 2007, 08:35 PM
Interesting. Using that same logic we should all rush out to buy our shiny new Vista DVD's. After all, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provides a heck of a lot more money to quite a few more causes than do the Dell's. ;)

June 1st, 2007, 08:36 PM
Only things I buy from Dell are their monitors. My next one will be a Dell for sure :p

June 1st, 2007, 09:09 PM
i got my neighbors to buy two dell laptops. they seem to fit their needs, so i'm down with that (even though i have a system76).

June 1st, 2007, 09:13 PM
I'm a skeptic when it comes to what the "true" motivations are of these people that give out such donations. Let's face it, if donations of any sort didn't credit an individual or company any tax breaks, would we be seeing the same amount in grants/fellowships/donations? Not to mention, some sort of cover/scheme that is invisible to the public eye. I would certainly like to believe that most people do it for a good cause but I just can't help but be skeptical on their true intentions.