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Matt Murdock
May 25th, 2007, 11:59 PM
Hello. I am new to Ubuntu, adn also a user that has to rely solely on TTS programs (Text to Speech). I am trying to get into programming, so therefore am annoyed with the limited accessibility (none really at all) of the Window's IDEs. After talking to a few friends that program, and use Ubuntu, I checked into whether or not they had a screen reader out for it. I was suprised to see that not only did they have one, but one could install his/her own OS while the screen reader is talking to them (with a little sidestepping/commands). I have noticed a few things though, and am wondering if I could be helped.

1. When told to hit F5, and then 3 to start the Ubuntu install with Orca running, the "wait until cd stops spinning" isn't a good enough explination. That is actually not the best time to start it, and it is a matter of "feel". If you wait until that poitn, one will not get the screen reader to start.
2. When I finally do get Orca to read to me, I can't install Ubuntu. I got it to "install" once, but at the end it said something about a Grub failure (I don't remember exactly). When I finally get Orca to read to me now, still booting only from the cd, I follow the commands at:

and now the install windows won't pop up on the desktop. I can find the program running on the bottom panel, but can't get it to maximize. I also try to hit "Alt Tab" to multitask to that program, and try to switch workspaces to see if maybe it is in another workspace. Should I re-burn another cd and try again?

3. Last thing for now ( I hope). Is there any comprehensive list of the Orca keys, and the Ubuntu hotkeys/shortcut keys? Trying to bounce around from spot to spot with ten pages to tab through is a bit of a pain.

I am hoping that Ubuntu is going to live up for me to all that I have heard of it, and plan to continue (if I can install it) to use it. Thanks in advanced, and thank you as a group of open source programmers for incorperating a screen reader that one does not have to spend their life savings on. Hopefully after getting it installed, I can help out the community instead of just coming here with issues that I need help with.

*edit* I also forgot, and I amsure this would be useful info. I am not dual booting on this computer. I am only setting it up to run Ubuntu, adn nothing more than Ubuntu. It formatted the hard drive, and removed Windows/master boot table off of it, and then got to the point of the GRUB error.

May 26th, 2007, 09:59 PM
Here is a link to documentation about orca and feisty on gnome's website:

And this should be orca's main page on gnome's website:

I hope it will provide at least part of the information you are looking for.

Have a nice day.