View Full Version : feisty fawn 73% complete!!!

May 24th, 2007, 09:46 PM
I cannot contain my excitement, I've been procrastinating on switching for ages, and now....I'm 73% into my Feisty installation, and I so deliriously happy. I shrinked my Whin--dows down so I can enjoy Ubuntu..nice!...very nice, high five to all involved and God bless open source and the internets.

May 24th, 2007, 10:02 PM
ok, guys....I'm in....looks stunning...what to do, where do I start...???
have to go online now, see if my voda huawei modem is working, heard there might be trouble there.

May 24th, 2007, 11:28 PM
its done guys!!! I'm Ubuntu live!! and yes I got the Huawei to work, edited the wvdial conf file, changed permissions and its up up and away...from Whin--dows.
got my plugins for my mp3s, codecs for flv etc...tried out open office....delicious!!!!:popcorn:

May 25th, 2007, 01:37 AM

May 27th, 2007, 07:00 PM
there this here beryl window manager, have tried to get it working, downloaded the package, updates and all, but its doesn't hang around for too long, and it hides my menus and the icons on the panels when it does, I got the Nvidia drivers installed for my GeForce GX500, but I can't seem to crack it. sos.:(

May 27th, 2007, 07:44 PM
Hi there,

when it does crash and hide everything, press alt+F2, and enter beryl-manage, and press enter. a popup should appear. there you select "Select Window Manager" and select Compiz or MetaCity. things should jump back. :)

When you configure Beryl, disable blurring and some of the other visual effects until the crashes disappear. then one by one re-enable them! Running compiz should guarantee you crash free eye candy!

All the best,


May 28th, 2007, 08:59 AM
thanks RudolfMDLT, will try that when I get home, I'm Windowing at the moment...been checking out some beryl effects on youtube ...see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOWeeVvhiAw

can't wait to try it out.