View Full Version : unsuccessful compiling and its effects #-o

May 24th, 2007, 07:18 AM
I have been trying to install the latest wesnoth by following the instructions here, here (http://gaming.gwos.org/e107_plugins/content/content.php?content.6) the UGA sight.
How ever I thought the make had run ok, so sudo check install. Now I'm thinking that the make didn't go wright either.
Any how it didn't work, tried restarting and running, but no luck. So I reinstalled the old wesnoth from synaptic and that wouldn't work. Tried deleting the file that came from the taz.bz2 and am told I can't.:(
Really not shore what I've done wrong, I wouldn't have tried compiling but it seemed so easy from the how to and many people seem to have had it work fine.
If any one can give me an idea of how to clean up this mess I would be so thankfull