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May 15th, 2007, 10:37 PM
:KS Greetings all...,

Now I know we must have a few linux users in the central coast besides the couple cal poly staff that uses Linux..., I am from Slo..., I currently use Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Freespire..., I have also used Redhat, Trustix, DSL, Slax, White Box, etc...., I am also constantly giving out Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Freespire cds as well as copies of the Open CD project to as many folks that I may meet at coffee shops and cyber cafe's in the hopes that more will realize that Winblows is not the only thing out there. Many have asked if there is a local Linux Community here..., and I am not sure what to tell them..., so I figured that I would drop a shoutout and and see how many Central Coastian's we have here.


May 17th, 2008, 08:30 AM

you are right, there must be a few of us around here. I am in Oceano, work in Santa Maria so don't hang around Slo much. I am using mostly Ubuntu, then PCLOS(gnome), Suse, DSL; like you I try to convince the folks around me to try Ubuntu. I used to do computer support but now I would not touch somebody's Win machine with a 10 foot pole, if a friend asks for help to clean up spyware I tell him I don't know Windows and to get lost, if he considers upgrading to Linux instead I might give him a little help.
Clean somebody's hard drive, allow him to get infected again next month; help him upgrade to Linux, he won't bug you that often for help.
Are the only meetings around here the ones from the Calpoly club? Anything in the five cities?
Hey, Oceano is missing in the poll list!