View Full Version : ava - make a map grid?

May 2nd, 2007, 08:37 AM

i am making a simulation where a car has to drive to certain points on a grid by following a road

it works by movin the car around around a 2d array i made. which is what i want to map on to a grid

i wanna display where it is in a Gui like have a 2d table with colors representing where it is.

does anyone one have a link or advice that might help me...would it be easier in netbeans?

i attached a picture for it

that was in Java....not ava??

Ive done the rest of the program. the car can move around an array...Ive made imaginary roads in a 2-d array etc...

i just need to know how to make this into a Gui...just how would i display a grid of different colors which could be undated.