View Full Version : Anyone know some good stereos than can connect to a PC via USB?

April 29th, 2007, 10:18 PM
My stereo just broke, so I have to get a new one.
I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good one that can connect to a computer with a USB cable, (preferably) rather than an auxiliary one.

So far JVC seems to be the closest to what I want, but I'm not sure what the quality of their stuff is (some of it looks so flashy that it comes off as cheap, rather than cool).

Any suggestions?

April 29th, 2007, 10:41 PM
i think philips have some sets with usb plug. but i think it's not on their brand new models... ithat usb-connect models are not so expensive now. also take a look at aiwa models..

April 29th, 2007, 10:45 PM
Okay, thanks!

The one that broke is actually an Aiwa.