View Full Version : Linux Programming Basics -- From Novice to Professional

April 28th, 2007, 10:26 PM
Hi EveryBuddy

I have intermediate level c & assembly programming experience (under MS Windows environment) with 8 and
32 bit micro-controllers and have sufficient hardware knowledge. I
wish to learn basics of Linux system programming, so that I could
compile (and even cross compile) Linux kernel for any platform.

I'd like start from basics like learning how to use GCC on Linux
(right now I'm using Ubuntu), how to compile simple applications for
different targets and then ultimately how to cross compile Linux
kernel etc.

Can anybody please guide me, how should I approach ?

Any pointers to some good Tools, IDE's, Website links, any relevant threads in this
discussion forum, any IRC channels, Usenet groups etc. Basically
anything that you think, might help me achieve that aim, will be most

Thanks you very much for your time spent in reading this thread.

with regards