View Full Version : Rage3d chat and the status of ATI drivers atm

November 13th, 2004, 12:19 PM
The chat with ati developers and PR people at Rage3d last night revealed some interesting snippets of information.

I am too tired to edit the logs, but here is what they more or less said:

They told us their main goal is to get x.org and amd64 support in the next release. Release is rumored for december.

Their main focus is on 2d, redhat, and suse. They want to get it right for the business and oem clients, aswell as optimise for the occasional 'wannahave' like doom.

A new installer script is underway, but if you run an enthousiast distro, and you have difficulties, bad luck, they support redhat, and are talking to suse.

Support for more games, composite, and stuff, well stuff it. It's coming 'as the market demands'

They are moving to using the same codebase for the linux and windows drivers, and tauted their bi-monthly release cycle.

Control panel, for gnome, no way.
User contributions, no way basicly
Assisting users developing for ATI, no way

So at the moment, there is little hope for full-featured drivers equal to nvidia's.

(if anyone is interested, I have, or should have, the logs of both chat channels)