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April 26th, 2007, 06:00 PM
Hello everyone! Just dropping a line to say hello and I am a first time Ubuntu user but have been using SUSE and SLED for quite a long time so I am no stranger to Linux. I have really been impressed with the over all polish and usability of Ubuntu and can see why it is considered one the most favored Linux distro's. I have installed 7.04 on 2 of my PC's and migrate more to Ubuntu in the future. Hopefully I will be able to contribute to the forum as I contribute to the Suse forums. Any ways, thanks for reading my babbling.

April 26th, 2007, 06:06 PM

I`m quite new myself, I used Knoppix, Ubuntu Breezy Badger, Dapper Drake and now finally Feisty Fawn...
I`m quite impressed with the way things are going...