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June 17th, 2005, 03:44 PM

For the last few days, it seems like the "New Posts" option misses quite a few posts. In fact, I clicked it one time and it showed ~150 new posts. I clicked "new posts" again after making a reply to something on page 1, and now only ~30 posts were showing. Where'd the other ~120 go? This happens from time to time it seems.

Is there any other way to keep track of all new posts made for an entire day, without it ever resetting? I've been missing a lot of threads lately and don't care to thumb through some ~30+ forums looking for what's new (or recently replied to).

How do you browse these forums? I need some tips 'cuz this "New Posts" thing is about as reliable as my '61 Chevy Pickup.



June 17th, 2005, 03:51 PM
There is definitely a bug somewhere in the forums.
That type of occurance did not previously happen.

It just took place with me as well.
Something is marking everything as 'read' when that is not the case.

June 17th, 2005, 04:45 PM
ahhh, thanks for the reassurance Xian. On all the old phpBB boards I've used, it keeps track of every time you log in and you can use the "view posts since last visit (login)" feature (which is really nice). When you're done, you just "mark all posts as read" - and it never fails. I guess there's some hidden vbulletin secret somewhere to do the same, which I'm not aware of yet.


October 22nd, 2006, 09:01 AM
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October 22nd, 2006, 10:50 PM
emailviruskid; this is the wrong place to post. Please find the right section and make your own thread