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June 17th, 2005, 08:05 AM
what do you guys know or think of Python ? im new to Programming Languages ](*,)

June 17th, 2005, 01:49 PM
Hi there,

Welcome to the Linux world.....

Python is a great language and here is some pointers why?

Its open source so you can view the source code and learn and collaborate!

Included as default by most Linux platforms.

It has simple syntax allowing you to concentrate on the problem at hand instead of struggling with syntax problems.

Less lines of code are needed to create an application in comparison to say Java, in turn this means less opportunity for errors and faster writing times.

Google use python for the search engine and mail systems, so you can imagine the effectiveness of its use.

Its great for begginers to learn but also scales to be a very powerful programming language.

Ubuntu encourages the use of python for apps.

Now entering the mobile market.


Some programmers may see python as a language that breaks programming fundamentals, but the current language state is what makes it easier to use.

It uses an interpreter so can be on the slow side, however it is like Java and allows write once run anywhere.

Get started:

Home Page: http://www.python.org/
Begginers Guide: http://wiki.python.org/moin/BeginnersGuide

Essential Books:


If you want a hand on how to compile and run a python program send another message and i'll post an example to get you started.


June 17th, 2005, 02:25 PM
ahh yes i looove python lol, i had used it for simple scripting before in linux however now I can build pretty simple yet functional apps in it, perhaps after my internship is over this summer I may be able to create somthing pretty useful who knows?

June 17th, 2005, 04:39 PM
Python has quickly turned into my favorite language. It's very friendly to the thought process... you can usually code ideas as fast as they come out of your brain, thanks to the convenient data types and libraries.

June 17th, 2005, 05:42 PM
python is great.

June 17th, 2005, 05:58 PM
Python is next on my list. Ruby looks intriguing, too. Then, for an old mainframer like myself, the fact the Object-Rexx is available is fun, too. :)


June 17th, 2005, 06:19 PM
For scripting, Python is second, next to Ruby. Ruby is by far my favorite. But Python is ok, and a good language to start out with.

June 17th, 2005, 07:53 PM
what is a good Python Editor?

June 17th, 2005, 08:29 PM
gedit, idle, vim, emacs, ajunta, any text editor, eclipse...

June 18th, 2005, 01:41 AM

June 18th, 2005, 02:46 AM
So what would be better for a experienced programmer to learn, Ruby or Python?

By Experienced I mean that I know how to program in C, C++, and Matlab. Then again im not the best C++ programmer out there :-P