View Full Version : Calling all British IT professionals. Please help a Kiwi with his project

April 25th, 2007, 10:29 AM
I am a Software Engineering student at my local polytechnic, and part of my course is Communication Studies. Part of Communication Studies is writing a report, where 'a merger of your employer with a larger international firm is to take place'. Now, as my large international firm, I have chosen Britain as my country ( as so many Kiwis move over to Britain on working O.E.s, etc ), and will pick a random company later on.

What I am wanting to know from all you wonderful British IT professionals are the following two questions:
What are the roles of individuals and groups in British companies?i.e.: Is everything performed as a team, or are people expected to work by themselves? To which extent?
What role does non-verbal language have in your everyday communication?i.e.: By non-verbal, I mean hand signals, etc (e-mails are apparantly verbal communication). Do body language, or hand gestures play a large part in communication

Any input is greatly appreciated, as this appartantly counts as an interview! Any questions, feel free to PM me, or post below. Please try to keep chatter to a minimum though, as my tutor may be reading this to see what I did for research.